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Container Leasing UK Ltd.
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Operational Lease Equipment

CLXU 45ft pallet wide container. The highest rated design and lowest tare weight unit available on the market. 



  • 45ft x 2.5m wide x 9’6 high
  • 40ft top lift
  • 7 high stacking at 45ft & 4 high stacking at 40ft – fully loaded 34,000kg
  • Design features to minimize handling damage; extended roof crash plates, high bottom side rail pallet guides.
  • Tare weight options 4260 kg
  • 28mm laminated birch floor; 8000kg rated
  • 33 euro pallet stowage with high pallet guide side rail
  • UIC approved for rail use C44 S44
  • Reflective door perimeter

CLXU 45ft curtain side container. Fully multimodal unit; can be stacked, top lifted for rail, ship, truck and barge. 

 45ft_curtain_side2.jpg  45ft_curtain_side3.jpg


  • 45ft x 2.55m wide x 9’6 high
  • 40ft top lift
  • 6 high stacking at 45ft & 3 high stacking at 40ft – fully loaded 34,000kg
  • Built to the highest standards & quality, no loose parts
  • Tare weight 5740 – 5990kg depending on specification
  • Side winches & internal floor lashing rings
  • Aluminium drop side gates
  • Sliding side posts with plank pockets
  • 33 euro pallet stowage
  • UIC approved for rail use with rail grapple lift
  • Meets EN12642XL approval
  • Can be fully loaded from one side
  • 85m3 capacity
  • Side opening width 12.61 mtrs (over 41ft) 

Please contact us for details of equipment, lease rates, availability and our terms and conditions. Units are available for several depots throughout Europe. 

Contact: Container Leasing UK.