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CS Tina
Vessel description:


MV ‘CS Tina’

Cellular/geared container vessel

Built 1995 at Volkswerft Stralsund

Class              : RINA

Flag               : Panama

 Main dimensions:


LOA              : 157.00 M

Beam            :  23.50 M

Draft             :   9.30 M (scantling)

Depth           :  12.80 M

DWT             : 14,717 MTS on scantling draft

GRT              : 11,987 MTS

NRT              :  6,936 MTS


Container intake:


In Hold         :  454 TEU

On Deck       :  668 TEU

Total            : 1122 TEU


Hom. Intake     : 762 TEU at 14ts hom.

Reefer              : 150 plugs (440 V/60 HZ) on deck

All intakes are always subject to the vessels stability, trim, permissible weights, visibility and safety of the vessel as well as local/international rules/regulations and always in accordance with the cargo securing manual.

In Hold:                  94.1 mts per 20' and 150.0 mts per 40'

On hatchcovers:       60.0 mts per 20' and  90.0 mts per 40'

HC Outer rows:        50.0 mts per 20' and  84.0 mts per 40'

Deck:                      58.0 mts per 20’ and 100.0 mts per 40’

Deck outer rows:      42.0 mts per 20’ and 100.0 mts per 40’

(all the above stack loads are maximum and subject to final confirmation from Vessel and information about individual bays/rows in the cargo securing manual.)


Main Engine:


Sulzer 7 RTA 52U, MCR - output 10,920 KW at 135 RPM


Aux. engine:


2 x MAK 6M20 diesel generators - 900 KW each

1 x emergency generator – 468 KW

1 x Shaft generator – 800 KW




Abt 12 knots on about 19 tons / Abt 14 knots on about 23 tons / Abt 16 knots on abt 27,5 tons (without shaft generator connected) on design draft, basis clean/smooth bottom, even keel, deep and currentless, calm water/sea with temperature of max. 28 degrees Celcius, and wind not exceeding Bft 2.

The auxiliary machinery is using dieseloil at sea and in port and in addition the vessel is allowed to use additional dieseloil in case of emergency and/or navigation in shallow waters and/or when manoeuvring in/out of ports. 

The fuel oil supplied is to be in accordance with ISO fuel standard 8217:2005(e) RMG 35 (IFO 380) and the dieseloil is to be in accordance with ISO fuel standard 8217:2005(e) DMB. The fuel is to be mineral based products, stable and homogeneous and shall not contain any waste lubricants, chemicals or any other harmful substances. The charterers shall always supply fuel complying with MARPOL 14/18 Annex VI. Sludge removal, if any, always to be for charterers account/time. The vessel will participate in a fuel quality testing programme. Samples will be taken at each bunkering and costs for same to be shared equally between Charterers and Owners.            



2 x 40mts Cranes at 28m outreach (possible to lift 45mts at 25M outreach)


Tank capacities:


HFO               : 1500 m3

DO                 :  200 m3

Fresh water     :  175 m3


The vessel has pontoon hatchcovers


All details above is about and given in good faith wog.