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Container Leasing
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Container Leasing UK Ltd.
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Container Range
45ft pallet wide container

The highest rated design and lowest tare weight unit available on the market




45ft Curtainside Palletwide Container 

Built to the highest standards, our 45ft curtainside pallet wide container allows operators to offer an effective multimodal alternative to the 13.6m road trailer. 

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45ft refrigerated containers - all electric or diesel electric 

Our 45ft euro pallet wide refrigerated containers are available in all-electric or diesel-electric versions. Constructed from stainless steel inside and out with full welded aluminium non slip floor, including integrated pallet guide.




30ft dry bulk container 

Container Leasing is the leading supplier of 30ft dry bulk containers to the European market. We offer the lightest unit with the highest cubic capacity on the market while still achieving all the required test ratings.




Bitumen and lubrication oil tanks 

Our bitumen and lubrication oil tanks offer 35% more cargo capacity at half the price of conventional stainless steel tanks.




40ft pallet wide container  

The 40ft pallet wide is available in 8ft 6in, 9ft 1in or 9ft 6in heights.




45ft flat rack container

The 45ft flat rack is 8'6 or 2.5mtr wide deck width

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